Up the mast checking the rigging.
I'm a sailor, artist, feminist, traveler, wonder-seeker and merry-maker. I’m currently on the sailing adventure of a lifetime. During the past two years I've crewed from the west coast of Mexico across the great expanse of the Pacific Ocean, around the Australian continent and into Southeast Asia and recently through the northern Caribbean to New York. I love the everyday teamwork of making a boat go, from reefing the mainsail to greasing the winches. Along the way some of my favorite moments have been diving with hundreds of sharks in the reefs of French Polynesia and catching and eating fresh mahi mahi. I'm dreaming of circumnavigating and I can't wait to sail the second half of the world's waters.
Just after an early morning squall.

I spent my childhood living with my parents on our sailboat, a Hardin 45, sailing the San Francisco Bay on evenings and weekends, and taking longer trips up and down the California coast. Sailing really got into my blood during those early years. I love sailing, being on the water and around boats. I feel at home on the water even when I'm thousands of miles from where I grew up. And traveling by boat has to be one of the sweetest ways to travel. 

Through the years I've sailed a bunch of different kinds of boats from 12-foot dinghies to a 100-foot tall ship where I worked as a deckhand. I'm always trying to find my sailing fix. Along with loving sailing, I'm also really into art. I like to make art and see the things other people create. I do all kinds of artwork including sculpture, performance, photo and video. For me art is a space where anything is possible, even the impossible. Since I've begun hitchsailing, I've focused my creative energies on writing.
Catching a 4-foot wahoo in Australian waters.


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